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La)2 and possibly two Fikellura sherds were found, also sherds of another ~ a s Greek t fabric extremely similar to that of Fikellura. The representations on these latter are, respectively, a lion's paw (Illus. lb)3 and a series of sweeping curves which may l Invaluable assistance in evaluating the sudace sherds discussed here was given by Miss Lucy Talcott, to whom my sincerest thanks are expressed; further, also, in connection with the Roman sherds, to John Hayes of Cambridge University. The sherds of Illus.

3. Miletos, 1590 ff. (Hiller v. Gartringen). 125. 11FGH I, p. ; FGrHist I, 3 T3. 12For a full discussion of this point see Abhundlungen zur griechischen Geschichischrerbutzg von Felix Jacoby (ed. H. Bloch), Leiden 1956, 129-136 (reprint of article "The First Athenian Prose Writer" in Mnemosyne Ser. 111, 13, 1947, p. 13-64). I am grateful to G. L. Huxley for this reference and for helpful suggestions in connection with this chapter; cf. also Rehm, 26. 13 The reference to the history of Leros in connection with the writings of Deinarchos, mentioned by Dionysius of Halicarnassus (Dinarchus 11) is apparently taken by Jacoby as a reference to the Peri Lerou of Pherekydes: see FGrHist IIIb 475 (2).

1i)P Both should be seventh century. Possibly earlier than the seventh century is a sherd with a pattern of triangles and bands (Illus. lc)" of a fabric similar to that found in Chios in the late eighth to early seventh centuries! Several specimens of excellent sixth century Attic black glaze have been found (Pl. 15 Fig. la-c), two of which (not illustrated) may have come from a Little Master cup. In addition, a group of sherds with an excellent hard, almost metallic fabric and with a glaze which is considerably duller and even thinner than that of good Attic ware seems to testify to the existence of a tradition of careful local imitation of Attic wares (Pl.

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