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This books units out to provide an explanation for how and why faith got here into being. this present day this question is as attention-grabbing as ever, particularly considering that faith has moved to the centre of socio-political relationships. not like the present, yet incomplete ways from disciplines similar to cognitive technology and psychology, the current authors undertake a brand new strategy, both appear and optimistic, that explains the origins of faith dependent strictly on behavioural biology. They hire authorised examine effects that eliminate all want for hypothesis. Decisive components for the earliest demonstrations of faith are hence territorial behaviour and rating, dealing with existential fears, and clash answer with the aid of rituals. those in flip, in a means of cultural evolution, are proven to be the roots of the historic and modern religions.

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Hart, Donna, Bob Sussman (2009). Man the Hunted: Primates, Predators, and Human Evolution. Expanded Edition. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. 46 3 The Question of When? (Lower Palaeolithic, C. 6 mybp–300,000 ybp) In Homo erectus, then, for the first time a representative of the Homo genus left the African continent and triumphantly conquered the old world. This feat was made possible partly by the meanwhile notably higher intelligence and thus adaptability of this species, whose European version even today is frequently considered an independent species, Homo heidelbergensis.

34 2 The Crux of a Darwinian Approach to Evolution of religions. This tree of life can now be explained by the fact that the vast number of known historical and extant religions ultimately all stem from the one, or from a very few, principle form(s)—which remain to be discovered. The shape of such a search for the principle form becomes clear from the above-mentioned characterisation of the process of religious evolution. 27 Equally impossible is the reconstruction of religion’s origins, specifically a prehistoric religion, exclusively of those processes which are part of the human psyche or cognition and explain why humans tend towards religious thought and behaviour at all.

18 Mayr, Ernst (1988). Toward a New Philosophy of Biology. Observations of an Evolutionist. Cambridge Mass. and London: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, p. 98. 19 Richard Dawkins (1976). The Selfish Gene. Oxford: Oxford University Press. e. for his evolution. The problem raised here is of course highly interesting and has produced impressive results in the scientific field,20 but does not grasp the dynamic of the change of religions themselves. If however the focus is to determine trends in the development of religion (which we have to do in the search for the origins of religion and religions), then the evolution of man with his characteristics cannot be the central focus of the investigation, but instead it must be religion itself—focus must be the evolution of religions!

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