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2. Unusual entries in the Shewhart card which require investigation. ); (d) Many entries close to the control levels (S increased). 5 Control cards for some control parameters Below are examples of control cards for some control parameters. Mean value control card Use: ± Serves to test the accuracy of the analytical procedure ± Accuracy can be monitored using certified standards Control samples: ± Pure standard solution ± Synthetic sample ± Reference samples ± Certified reference standard Out-of-control situations: ± As already described for the general Shewhart control card Analytical requirements: ± at least one control sample per analytical series Blank value control card Use: ± Special use of the mean value control card ± Indicates the reagent and analytical system used ± The limits of the blank value control cards are defined according to the standard deviations of the mean values: sx ˆ s n …8† Control samples: ± Reagent blank samples ± Blank samples Out-of-control situations: ± Determination of the control and warning levels, and of the ªout-of-control situationsº is carried out as for the mean value control card Analytical requirements: ± Determination of two blank values per analytical series Recovery control cards Use: ± Analytical procedure can be checked for matrix effects ± Generally only proportional systematic matrix influences are detected Control samples: ± Doped real samples 37 Quality control Determination of the doped amount/concentration: ± The added concentration should correspond to at least the analysed value of the undoped sample ± The analysed value of the doped sample may not exceed the upper working range of the analytical procedure ± The added substance should have ± comparable solubility ± comparable reactivity ± comparable oxidation state etc.

Riegner Examiner: W. 4 9 10 General principles Equipment, chemicals and solutions Equipment Chemicals Solutions Sample collection and preparation Operating conditions for gas chromatography with mass-selective detector Analytical determination Calibration Calculation of the analytical result Reliability of the method Precision Recovery rate Quantification limit Shelf-life Discussion of the method References 1 General principles To determine the levels of fenthion in the air measured air volumes are drawn through Tenax adsorption tubes by a battery-operated pump.

StaubReinh. Luft 45: 505±508 [2] Europåisches Komitee fçr Normung (CEN) (1995) DIN EN 838-Luftbeschaffenheit am Arbeitsplatz-Diffusionssammler fçr die Bestimmung von Gasen und Dåmpfen-Anforderungen, Prçfung, Kennzeichnung. Brçssel. Beuth-Verlag, Berlin [3] Bartholom E, Biekert E, Hellmann H, Ley H, Weigert W, Weise W (Eds) (1972) Ullmanns Encyklopådie der technischen Chemie. ,VCH-Verlag, Weinheim, p. 134 [4] Nåser KH (1960) Physikalische Chemie fçr Techniker und Ingenieure. 16. , VEB Deutscher Verlag fçr Grundstoffindustrie, Leipzig, p.

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