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By Francis Borceux

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Focusing methodologically on these ancient points which are correct to aiding instinct in axiomatic methods to geometry, the booklet develops systematic and smooth techniques to the 3 middle elements of axiomatic geometry: Euclidean, non-Euclidean and projective. traditionally, axiomatic geometry marks the foundation of formalized mathematical job. it really is during this self-discipline that almost all traditionally recognized difficulties are available, the strategies of that have ended in numerous shortly very energetic domain names of analysis, specifically in algebra. the popularity of the coherence of two-by-two contradictory axiomatic structures for geometry (like one unmarried parallel, no parallel in any respect, a number of parallels) has resulted in the emergence of mathematical theories in response to an arbitrary approach of axioms, an important function of latest mathematics.

This is an interesting publication for all those that train or research axiomatic geometry, and who're drawn to the heritage of geometry or who are looking to see a whole evidence of 1 of the well-known difficulties encountered, yet now not solved, in the course of their experiences: circle squaring, duplication of the dice, trisection of the attitude, building of normal polygons, development of types of non-Euclidean geometries, and so on. It additionally offers thousands of figures that help intuition.

Through 35 centuries of the heritage of geometry, notice the beginning and stick with the evolution of these cutting edge principles that allowed humankind to boost such a lot of points of latest arithmetic. comprehend a number of the degrees of rigor which successively validated themselves throughout the centuries. Be surprised, as mathematicians of the nineteenth century have been, while looking at that either an axiom and its contradiction could be selected as a sound foundation for constructing a mathematical conception. go through the door of this impressive international of axiomatic mathematical theories!

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Let us now give an overview of the major propositions of Book 1. 5 Construct an equilateral triangle on a given segment AB. 3, one can draw the circles of centers A, B and radius AB (see Fig. 1). They intersect at a point C (by a continuity argument, which cannot be inferred from Euclid’s axioms). 2, one can draw the segments AC and BC to get the triangle ABC. 1), the triangle is equilateral. 6 From a point C, draw a segment of length AB. Proof See Fig. 2, where the two possible cases are considered: AB ≤ BC and AB ≥ BC.

7). 4, we get the equality (ADF ) = (AEF ). 7 to the triangles ADF and AEF , we obtain that AF bisects the angle (BAC). 12 Bisect a segment. 11, draw the equilateral triangle ACB on the given segment AB and the bisector of the angle ACB, which cuts AB at D (see Fig. 8). 7 to the triangles ACD and BCD forces the conclusion. 50 3 Euclid’s Elements Fig. 7 Fig. 13 Draw a perpendicular at a given point of a line. Proof We refer to Fig. 8 again. Given the point D on a line, construct A and B on the line, on both sides of D, such that AD = BD.

40 2 Some Pioneers of Greek Geometry As far as proofs are concerned, Plato says that one must always start from what is given: some postulates (obvious statements admitted a priori as true, without any proof) and the hypotheses of the statement to be proved. The proof of the thesis must then be a sequence of logical deductions involving only these postulates and hypotheses. In particular, the argument does not refer to any figures describing the problem, but to the absolute ideas that the elements of the figures represent.

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