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By Robert Paul Weller

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A few Asian political leaders and Western lecturers have lately claimed that China is not likely to supply an open political method. This declare rests at the concept that “Confucian tradition” offers a substitute for Western civil values, and that China lacked the democratic traditions or even the horizontal associations of belief which may construct a civil society. An hostile institution of notion is way extra confident approximately democracy, since it sees marketplace economies of the type China has began to foster as pushing inexorably opposed to authoritarian political keep an eye on and reproducing Western styles of change.Alternate Civilities argues for a unique set of political chances. by means of evaluating China with Taiwan’s new and colourful democracy, it exhibits how democracy can develop out of chinese language cultural roots and authoritarian associations. The enterprise companies, non secular teams, environmental hobbies, and women’s networks it examines don't easily reproduce Western values and associations. those instances aspect to the potential for an alternative civility, neither the obdurate remnant of an historical authoritarian tradition, nor a reflex of marketplace economics. they're as a substitute the energetic production of recent options to the issues of contemporary lifestyles.

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Yet they m l d be intimate, long-lasling, and significant for both economic and social organization. This quick overview of late imperial China shows the great extent to which horimntal ties of trust permeated the society, The cmrnon caricature that "there is a very strong inclination on the part of Chinese to trust only people related to them, and conversely to distrust people outside their family and kinship group . . 2Veople unrelated by kinship were still linked through friendship, community membership, educational experience, charitable organizations, and religion.

Legacies This chapter explores associational life in late imperial times, with an eye on the kinds of legacies these associations left for modern political change. A great deal of controversy over exactly this issue has erupted recently, inspired by the revival of inkrest in civil society in Easkm Europe. ' This chapter draws on their data, but moves outside the misleading concentration of this debate on civil society in the European sense. h more fmithl question is what kinds of social capital existed in late imperial China, and what kinds of possibilities did it create for political change.

Modem Clzivla 11(2) (1985)' pp, 20S226; S, Gordon Rcddjng, The Spr'n't t$ Chinese Capifalis~i(Berlin: Waller de Gmyter, 1990); and Yu Uingshi Z l z ~ n ~ ~ jinguo shi Zor~gjiaoLunli y m Sha~tgrenjittgslzen tMol2"ern Chinese Xeligiozils Ethics and Bcrsfness Spirit] (Taipei: tunjing 1987). 22 C ~ uref l f E c ~ ~ o n rand y , ttze Roots of Civil Clzalige 33. , For a Inore general discussion of trust in civil sodety, see Adam Seliginan, irhe Idea qf Ciaik Society (New York: Free Press, 19%). 34.

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