Algebraic geometry and its applications by Chaumine J., et al. (eds.) PDF

By Chaumine J., et al. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9812793429

ISBN-13: 9789812793423

This quantity covers many issues together with quantity idea, Boolean services, combinatorial geometry, and algorithms over finite fields. This ebook includes many fascinating theoretical and applicated new effects and surveys awarded via the simplest experts in those parts, akin to new effects on Serre's questions, answering a query in his letter to best; new effects on cryptographic purposes of the discrete logarithm challenge with regards to elliptic curves and hyperellyptic curves, together with computation of the discrete logarithm; new effects on functionality box towers; the development of recent periods of Boolean cryptographic capabilities; and algorithmic functions of algebraic geometry.

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Algebraic geometry and its applications by Chaumine J., et al. (eds.)

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