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By Professor M. B. Neiman (auth.), Professor M. B. Neiman (eds.)

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The want for a wide improvement of the construction of polymer ma­ terials has turn into glaring. these kind of fabrics are topic to varied different types of getting older (destruction); for that reason, stabilizers which enable the stor­ age, reprocessing, and use of polymer fabrics with none appreci­ capable switch of their houses has to be brought into them. lately, this challenge of stabilizing polymers has attracted the eye of many scientists and technologists, either within the USSR and out of the country. The clinical foundation of the overseas reports might be present in a couple of theo­ retical premises, yet mainly the speculation of chain reactions with un­ branched chains. within the Soviet Union, the techniques of Academician N. N. Semenov on chain reactions with degenerate branches became the start line of theoretical experiences of the stabilization and destruction of polymers. Soviet scientists have built a thought of serious concentrations of antioxidants and feature proven that the procedures of stabilization have a really complicated chemical personality. the character of the polymers them­ selves drastically impacts those approaches and therefore, assorted stabil­ izers are required for polymers of other buildings. moreover, it's been proven that the antioxidants used to date cannot merely reason chain termination, yet may also start up oxidation and provides upward thrust to de­ generate branches.

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Chapter II 46 TABLE 2. 4(N) Data of author / C(CHa)a CHa I ' 0 - 0 - C (CHa)a Septet of triplets [3] I CHa C (CHa)8 Triplet "- 0 / C (CHa)a H 'o-r~-c< "=J C (CHa)a "- Triplet ~ata of author ' 0 - 0 - 0 - C (CHa)a / C (CHa)a C (CHa)a "- 'O-~-OCHa "=J / C (CHa). g (in oersteds) on the protons of the substituents and other nuclei Para- C (CHs)s ·0 H* H* "~-r\. 55 (on H·) [8] / H A C (CHs)s H* H' Singlet [9] 13 lines [9] C (CH 3)s " ·o_~_f'\ "=/ "=/ / C (CHa)a OHI H-r)-O· H-\ I-OH I H Doublet of triplets 5 [10] 48 Chapter II of oerst ~ b a Fig.

28 Chapter I 160 120 80 40 0;-----,-----,-----,-----,-----,--- o 2 4 Fig. 20. Dependence of the induction period in the oxidation of polycaproamide on the concentration of antioxidant I in the absence (1) and in the presence (2) of antioxidant II. T = 200°C; P02 = 200 mm Hg. 1dimethylhexyl) -4 -methy lphenol. In addition to the initiation of oxidation considered above, the antioxidant can also increase the probability of degenerate branching, for example, by accelerating the decomposition of hydro peroxides , forming an active radical, as was indicated above.

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