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By Jason Brennan

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Most humans think democracy is a uniquely simply kind of govt. they think humans have the proper to an equivalent proportion of political energy. they usually think that political participation is nice for us--it empowers us, is helping us get what we need, and has a tendency to make us smarter, extra virtuous, and extra taking care of each other. those are a few of our such a lot loved principles approximately democracy. yet, Jason Brennan says, they're all wrong.

In this trenchant ebook, Brennan argues that democracy will be judged through its results--and the implications are usually not more than enough. simply as defendants have a correct to a good trial, electorate have a correct to powerfuble executive. yet democracy is the rule of thumb of the ignorant and the irrational, and all of it too usually falls brief. moreover, not anyone has a primary correct to any proportion of political energy, and exercise political strength does such a lot folks little solid. to the contrary, quite a lot of social technological know-how study indicates that political participation and democratic deliberation truly are inclined to make humans worse--more irrational, biased, and suggest. Given this grim photograph, Brennan argues new approach of government--epistocracy, the rule of thumb of the knowledgeable--may be higher than democracy, and that it is time to scan and locate out.

A difficult critique of democracy and the 1st sustained safeguard of the rule of thumb of the an expert, Against Democracy is key analyzing for students and scholars of politics around the disciplines.

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In both cases, the liberals concluded the hypothetical data supported their preexisting belief. Even when the data implied that concealed handguns decreased crime, liberals concluded overwhelmingly that the data said that concealed handguns failed to decrease crime. Kahan similarly gave half the conservatives the version that supported their preexisting belief, and half the version that undermined it. Again, in both cases the conservatives concluded that the data just supported their preexisting belief.

57 ignor ant, irr ational, misinformed 41 Political scientist Diana Mutz finds striking evidence that political “fandom” is what motivates people to get to the polls. The people who are most active in politics tend to have strong hooligan characteristics. 58 Being exposed to contrary perspectives tends to lessen one’s enthusiasm for one’s own political views. 61 The people who participate the most are those who spend the most time in echo chambers. If you want to see one effect of tribalism, consider how beliefs about certain political issues tend to be clustered together, even though these issues have nothing to do with each other.

I discuss some of the potential benefits and risks of different forms of epistocracy, and respond to some remaining objections to it. Chapter 9, “Civic Enemies,” is a short postscript. I conclude by saying that what’s regrettable about politics is that it makes us enemies with one another. The problem isn’t merely that we’re biased and tribalistic, that we tend to hate people who disagree with us just because they disagree. Rather, the problem is, first, that politics puts us in genuinely adversarial relationships, and second, that because most of our fellow citizens make political decisions in incompetent ways, we have reason to resent the way they treat us.

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