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By F.J. Dixon, Henry G. Kunkel (Eds.)

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3. A synthesis of both would necessitate that there be a germ-line inheritance of hypervariable regions ( via multiple genes) and a single (or a very few) gene coding for the bulk of the V region. Insertion, recombination, and episomal or other genetic mechanisms would have to be envisioned to combine the two concepts. The results of several recent experiments are consistent with some form of this latter hypothesis: ( Q ) the observation that the same idiotypic 34 J . DONALD CAPRA AND J. , 1973a); ( b ) the dissociation between allotypy and idiotypy in certain transfer experiments in rabbits (A.

As stated previously, human IgM anti-7-globulins can be divided into groups demonstrating cross-idiotypic specificity. , 1973). These have been termed the W a group and the Po group. J. J. SfC’ VAL G-3 FIG. 7. Amino-terminal sequences of kappa chains of ten human IgM cold agglutinins. The prototype sequences for each of the V-region subgroups represents the most common amino acid found in the position for proteins sequenced to date. For the cold agglutinin light chains, only deviations from the prototype are shown.

Thus, from these studies there does not appear to be an obligatory association between Group a allotypes and idiotypic specificities, despite the fact that both determinants have antigenic components in the VH region of the H chain. _ loo 50 25 0 1 2 3 4 pg Inhibitor FIG. 11. 5 p g . radiolabeled AbN to ethylchloroformate-solidified anti-idiotype serum by unlabeled Ab, AbN, and Ab3. ( B ) The same inhibition experiment as in ( A ) but using radiolabeled Ab3. (Reproduced by permission of the JournaE of Erpezinientol Medicine.

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