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A part of a chain dedicated to assisting the reader receive common information regarding a large choice of issues in chemical physics. Its objective is to provide complete analyses of matters of curiosity and to inspire the expression of person issues of view.

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S( v” - Vm( t ) ) represents the normalized instant spectral distribution whose shape is invariant with time and which has to be defined for each solution and each temperature. 39) and with i ( t ) = e-‘/sF, the stationary emission is given by where the term in parentheses is equal to zero outside the range defined by 1; < v”< cn and where AGS = Cn - v”, represents the maximum spectral shift. From Eq. 40) it is clear that the position of the stationary ~ )the deactivation spectrum is a function of <), A < , and the ratio ( T ~ / T of and relaxation rates.

The degree of mixing, which corresponds to the degree to which the wavefunction becomes polar, is given by the perturbation a,,/ K , , .

75At low temperatures, only the structured FBband remains, which is quite similar to the emission of monomeric anthracene. The position of the second band (the main fluorescence in polar solvents at higher temperatures) is strongly polarity dependent, testifying of its charge-transfer character. 75 The horizontal portion for weak polarities reflects the solvent insensitivity of the FB band dominating in this range. We have thus two fluorescing states, one with zero and the other with a very high dipole moment.

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