A sacrificial mass burial at Miramar, Chiapas, Mexico by Pierre AGRINIER PDF


Whereas operating at Mirador in the course of the 1965
season (Agrinier 1970), I made a brief in¬
vestigation of the close by web site of Miramar, ex¬
ploring the floor and making 5 try pits.
My purpose was once to make a initial eval¬
uation of the cultural and chronological posi¬
tion of Miramar with relation to Mirador.
The destinations for the try pits have been selected
for their strength ceramic stratigraphy, with
an goal to steer clear of different cultural beneficial properties,
such as masonry partitions, caches, and burials.
However, in the case of Pit 2, my intentions
were diverted; the mass burial I encountered
there occupied me for so much of the brief sea¬
son, from the center of may perhaps to the first days
of June, 1965. different brief explorations I
made in 1973 and 1974 additional a few extra

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The programme also funded activities for advanced students: to attend hands-on summer schools taught by members and run by Leonor Peña Chocarro in a traditional agricultural area of Spain, and grants to attend the Programme’s various meetings. All networking activities were efficiently implemented by Marie Russel, Paris, who served as the programme’s coordinator from 2004 to 2009. Some of the papers in this series address field areas and topics emanating from the workshops, and they were developed gradually over the course of the five years of interdisciplinary exchange.

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