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By Brendan Odonoghue

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This research addresses a urgent nervousness of our time - that of homelessness. Tersely said, the philosophical importance of homelessness in its extra smooth context could be understood to emerge with Nietzsche and his discourse on nihilism, which indications the lack of the top values hitherto. Diverging from Nietzsche, Heidegger translates homelessness as a symptom of the oblivion of being. the aim of the current enquiry is to scrupulously confront humanity's nation of homelessness, and while illumine the level to which Heidegger's concept engages with this pervasive phenomenon. In wondering the character of homelessness Heidegger's preoccupations with nihilism and sleek know-how end up the most important. in addition, his makes an attempt to beat or arrange for the overcoming of this country of homelessness also are of serious import to the present research. Adorno and Levinas supply scathing reviews of Heidegger's concept because it pertains to the motifs of homelessness, homecoming (Heimkunft) and the German Heimat, as they affiliate it with provincialism and paganism, and so they declare it keeps surreptitious and pernicious political implications. In supplying those reviews they carry to mild the hazards interested by venture a homecoming enterprise, and so they additional exhibit how an outstanding philosopher can err drastically. even if acknowledging the relevancy of those criticisms, this research unearths how Heidegger's quite a few discourses on homelessness and homecoming endure fruitful insights which may give a contribution not only to a Germanic feel of homecoming yet to a feeling of homecoming that humanity at huge can relate to and be enriched via.

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Furthermore, he considers modern technology not only to be a 71 72 WP, p. 225 IM, p. 159 Explicating the Title: ‘A Poetics of Homecoming’ 19 manifestation of nihilism/metaphysics but its final stage. Thus in chapter five: ‘Heidegger and Modern Technology’ I seek to show how modern technology contributes to the homelessness of humanity, while its origin and essence are also explored. In chapter six ‘Preparing for the Homecoming Venture, Thinking and Poetry’ I explore the way Heidegger transforms our traditional conceptions of thinking, and poetry.

However, in terms of the present enquiry it is Hegel’s exploration of the ancient Greek’s that is of most significance. For Hegel identifies the homeless spirit as first manifesting itself in ancient Greece. From his perspective the homeless spirit of Greek antiquity first emerges in the person of Socrates. Before Socrates the Athenian polis was a cohesive, unified and well-functioning city-state, its citizens submitted to the laws that governed their communal existence without questioning it. According to Hegel’s account, the citizens of Athens abided by the rules of the state because the laws were understood as being a product of nature rather than convention.

He further alludes to this naked world as being without joy, love, light, certitude or peace. These forlorn poetic statements that arise in response to the new epistemology denote an acute sense of homelessness in a world that is fundamentally without colour, is naked and barren and devoid of meaning. A new anthropology can be identified in Nietzsche’s work when he remarks in The Gay Science: “How wonderful and new and yet how gruesome and ironic I find my position vis-à-vis the whole of existence in the light of my insight!

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