New PDF release: A modern formal logic primer: predicate theory

By Teller P.

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9. Faith Deployed for a New Shi‘i Polity in India 29 opposition to what he might consider to be the excessively philosophical and theoretical approach of the medieval school of Hilla. Once again written in Arabic, the primary aim of the text is to establish the author’s scholarly credentials and to pursue the quest for independent positions to demonstrate his mastery of the tradition. The first two volumes make this quite clear. The theological traditions in Islam from the medieval period, especially as debated in the cycle of texts initiated by Tajrid al-i‘tiqad [The sublimation of belief] written by Nasir al-Din Tusi, and in the treatises on the proof for the existence of God (ithbat al-bari’) inspired by Avicenna’s famous proof from contingency, tended to focus in extensive and minute detail on the examination of the nature of God’s existence, his attributes, the nature of his knowledge and what that entailed for the possibility of human free will.

77 Another anonymous text written by a Shi‘i Sufi at the time of Sa‘adat ‘Ali Khan responds to al-Shihab al-thaqib. Drawing upon the work of the famous “Third Martyr” Sayyid Nurullah Shushtari (d. , pp. 163–165; cf. ir, p. 1085. Akhbārī’s work is called Ma‘āwil al-‘uqūl li-qila‘ Asās al-us. ūl [Intellectual arguments to destroy the foundations of jurisprudence] and mentioned in the famous bio-bibliography of Shi‘i texts, al-Dharī‘a ilā tas. 7). āriq al-h. īn [Pathways of truth and certainty destroying the satanic arguments].

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