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By Terry Pratchett

ISBN-10: 0060586605

ISBN-13: 9780060586607

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ISBN-13: 9780060586621

ISBN-10: 0061376582

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The Heroine: Tiffany Aching, incipient witch and cheese maker extraordinaire. as soon as kept international from Queen of the Elves. is set to find that struggling with evil monarchs is kid's play in comparison to mortal wrestle with a Hiver (see below). At 11 years previous, is boldest heroine ever to have faced the Forces of Darkness whereas armed with a frying pan. The chance: A Hiver, insidious disembodied presence interested in strong magic. hugely harmful, often deadly. can't be stopped with iron or fireplace. Its objective: Tiffany Aching (see above). The Nac Mac Feegle: A.k.a. the Wee unfastened males. top: six inches. colour: blue. Famed for consuming, stealing, and scuffling with. Will assault something better than themselves. individuals contain: Rob anyone, Daft Wullie, and incredibly Wee Billy Bigchin. Allies to Tiffany Aching (see above). The publication: Hilarious, breathtaking, spine-tingling sequel to the acclaimed Wee loose males. the writer: Terry Pratchett, celebrated author of the the world over best-selling Discworld sequence. Carnegie Medalist and author extraordinaire.

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It was difficult to talk to someone who paid attention all the time. It put you off. “It’s best if you wait until you meet her,” she said. “Anything I tell you will only give you the wrong idea. I’m sure you’ll get along with her. She’s very good with people, and in her spare time she’s a research witch. ” “Oh, it’s a very ancient craft. She tries to find new spells by learning how old ones were really done. You know all that stuff about ‘ear of bat and toe of frog’? They never work, but Miss Level thinks it’s because we don’t know exactly what kind of frog, or which toe—” 33 “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to help anyone chop up innocent frogs and bats,” said Tiffany firmly.

Flowing lines. . ” . . that look as if they’re moving, Tiffany thought. It had been cut out of the turf way back in the old days, people said, by the folk who’d built the stone circles and buried their kin in big earth mounds. Yet they must have known horses, owned horses, seen 30 them every day, and they weren’t stupid people just because they lived a long time ago. Tiffany had once asked her father about the look of the Horse, when they’d come all the way over here for a sheep fair, and he told her what Granny Aching had told him when he was a little boy.

55 “That’s right, well done! Is a telescope magical? Certainly not. It’s just glass in a tube, but with one you could count the dragons on the moon. And . . well, have you ever used a bow? No, probably not. But a shamble can act like a bow, too. A bow stores up muscle power as the archer draws it, and sends a heavy arrow much farther than the archer could actually throw it. You can make one out of anything, so long as it . . ” “Yes, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can use it for protection, like a curse net, or to send a spell, or .

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