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This anthology gathers Giuseppe Mazzini's most vital essays on democracy, state construction, and diplomacy, together with a few that experience by no means prior to been translated into English. those overlooked writings remind us why Mazzini was once the most influential political thinkers of the 19th century--and why there's nonetheless nice profit to be derived from a cautious research of what he needed to say. Mazzini (1805-1872) is better identified this day because the inspirational chief of the Italian Risorgimento. yet, as this publication demonstrates, he additionally made a necessary contribution to the advance of contemporary democratic and liberal internationalist suggestion. actually, Stefano Recchia and Nadia Urbinati make the case that Mazzini must be well-known because the founding determine of what has become often called liberal Wilsonianism.The writings accumulated right here convey how Mazzini constructed a cosmopolitan idea of democratic kingdom building--one that illustrates why democracy can't be effectively imposed via army intervention from the skin. He additionally speculated, even more explicitly than Immanuel Kant, approximately how well known participation and self-rule inside of autonomous realms may perhaps lead to lasting peace between democracies. briefly, Mazzini believed that common aspirations towards human freedom, equality, and foreign peace may possibly top be discovered via autonomous realms with homegrown democratic associations. He hence anticipated what one may perhaps this day name a real cosmopolitanism of countries.

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50 Mazzini, “On Publicity in Foreign Affairs” [1835], chapter 14 of this book, 172. 51 John Rawls, The Law of Peoples (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1999), 44–45. 52 Mazzini, “On Publicity in Foreign Affairs,” chapter 14 of this book, 169. 48 See, 20 • Introduction growing economic interdependence could be a powerful stimulus for peace in its own right.  . 53 Any hypothetical war among liberal states would now inevitably undermine the transna­ tional financial foundations of their prosperity.

Pardon is a virtue that only the victorious can afford. And love demands equality, both of power and esteem. 3 Popular revolts were launched unsuccessfully in Rimini, then part of the Papal States, and Modena, then ruled by Duke Francis IV of Este, between 1820 and 1821. 38 • Democracy and the Nation We reject both the assistance and the pity of foreign nations. But we will help to en­lighten the European mind by showing how Italians really are: neither blind nor cowardly, but merely unfortunate.

The ruling monarch there, Ferdinand I of Bourbon, first agreed to enact a new constitution, but then repressed the insurrection and abolished the constitution with the help of Austrian troops that had intervened under the auspices of the Holy Alliance. In 1821 similar constitutional insurrections occurred in other Italian states and particularly in Piedmont, but they were once again put down by the rulers with foreign assistance. The “men of the past” that Mazzini refers to are the members of the Carboneria, a secret association with Masonic roots that had been founded in Italy in 1814.

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