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By Lynn V. Foster

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In the exact center of this five-square-mile artificial island was the Templo Mayor (Great Temple), the double-temple pyramid to Tlaloc, the rain god, and Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun god of war. Slightly askew from true north, the great Warrior column (15 feet in height) from the Postclassic city of Tula in central Mexico (Colman Lerner Gerardo) 39 A Brief History of Mexico Aztec stone sculpture of a jaguar (National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City) temple was instead aligned with sacred mountains on the mainland and astronomically aligned with the rising Sun at equinox.

Yet for all of Teotihuacán’s recognized greatness, its rulers remain anonymous: nowhere in the art of the city are their portraits discovered, and nowhere on the monuments and great buildings were any writings inscribed about their achievements. Yet their presence is felt in every element of the city’s design. A rigid grid plan prevails for over eight square miles. No natural feature was permitted to interfere with the layout: the San Juan River was canalized to conform to the grid as it passed through the city.

E. many cities first made their appearance throughout Mesoamerica, from the great city of Teotihuacán near modern Mexico City to the many southern cities, such as Izapa near the Guatemalan border, Monte Albán in Oaxaca, and the earliest Maya sites. e. many of the Protoclassic cities achieved their greatest heights, from Teotihuacán and Monte Albán to Maya cities like Palenque in Chiapas and Uxmal in Yucatán. e. many of the Classic cities were forever abandoned while others, such as Tula in central Mexico and Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, flourished.

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