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Com 1 1 G EA R H O RN S I L E N C E BUTTON N O S EW H E E L S T E E R I N G E N G A G E D A D V I S O RY LIGHT The nosewheel 1 4, FO- l ) , plm:arded STEE R I NG E N G AG E D , w i l l come has been o n t o i ndicate t hat nosewheel selected . The i n d icate IS D C essential b u s . WH E EL BRAK E SYSTE M The normal w heel brake from t he l e ft The brakes are SYSTE M the land i ng gear retracti o n pressure stops t h e m a i n wheel s 10 e ngagement o f the s n ubbers. T h i s b rake pressure released when the landing gear is the up a ft e r and locked E M E R G E N C Y BRAKE SYSTEM W i t h the l e ft system fai l ed and t h e hydra ul ic system t he emergency brake system has the same as t h e normal system w i t h o ut anti - s k i d .

1 A- 1 0A- 1 DING SYSTE M accom modate t h e g u n . A l l t hree to aid free-fall extension and gear h a n d le I n t he gear i s available i n pressure i s n o t present o r valve is or electrical power . To ext en- g e a r s ystem a r c t he m a i n Components o f t h e landing gear, n o s e g e a r , w heel b rake emergency b rake system, anti-sk i d n osewheel steering system . I n gear gear system includes a warning system, and a downlock override control. Switches sense gear and cockpit i ndicatio n s and t o (iP" rp« landing gear hydraulic system a fter retract i on .

N O S E LAND I N G G EA R control circ u i t . extension handle, i n d irects t h e same the minimizes whic h the gear must fal l . gear handle be p ulled L A N D GEAR circuit breaker closed , left system pressure presen t , a n d t he landing h andle up, t h e gear w i l l b e powered t o the up as t h e a r e rcleased, held in the retracted landing gear when in t he manual without opening the as both t h e left and pres s u re systems are s h ut o ff i n this Should The nose l a n d i n g g e a r operates s i m i l a r to t h e comes he gear.

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